15 Doof Looks From Ultra Festival To Steal For The First Aussie Fest

The ultimate festival for dance music fans is finally making its way to Australia in February this year. Ultra Festival is renowned for crazy outfits, insane pyrotechnics, and the hottest lineups worldwide. Google Ultra and you’ll find a veritable smorgasbord of wild outfits that blur the lines between clothing and free-range living.

From nipple pasties and not much else to full body glitter paint, previous Ultra Festivals around the world have delivered some serious inspo for Aussie Ultra attendees to unleash their wild sides. If you’re going to party it up with the likes of Marshmello and Adam Beyer, the very least you can do is make sure your outfit is just as on point.

We grabbed 15 of our favourite festival looks from previous Ultras (with some tasty Doofstore looks thrown in for happy shopping) to give you the inspo you need to take your outfit to the next level.


Girl wears a bright white and pink festival outfit and smiles in the sun

This wild outfit combines super feminine white crops and fluffy pink fur leg warmers with a backpack to keep all your goods safe and secure while you dance the night away. It's a super girly look without compromising on practicality. 


Woman wearing a cute butterfly backpack and crop top smiles at the camera

This look combines bright shimmery metallics with a cute butterfly backpack to create a super versatile festival outfit that will take you from Rainbow to Ultra and back again. 


A man with a face painted like a clown wearing a bright purple wig and a japanese inspired festival outfit stands in a field posing.

This wild Japanese-inspired clown king look from Ultra Miami brings the trip to trip the light fantastic. Wild patterns and bright outfits are all the rage, so follow the trend to turn heads in your direction wherever you go. 


Two male models pose in Hawaiian style shirts and psychedelic print leggings

Let your imagination run wild and combine bright prints with wild styles to create a men's festival outfit that is part costume-box, part Las Vegas wildcard. We can't stop here, it's bat country. 


A leather bound woman with goth makeup smiles in the sun

A leather-clad dream in the summer sun, this stunner knows how to combine eye-catching adornments with breezy, easy style to beat the heat and look chic while doing it. We are loving the bold lip and dark glitter eye makeup to complement this look. 


 A chain mesh shirt and black swim bottoms adorn an alabaster princess in a festival look worthy of purchase.

Proving that leather and harnesses can be just as versatile as sequins and flower crowns in the festival scene, these harness style tops can be worn separately or layered depending on how much you dare to bare. You'll be the queen of darkness and ready to crush it on the d-floor in style.


A badge adorned vest is worn over a bright pink shirt to create a statement look for the man pictured.

 The stunning badge and spike adornment on this vest stands out against the bright pink shirt choice on this festival-goer. Simple and easy to pull off, this look is perfect for the lower-effort party heads who'd rather spend their time thinking about setlists instead of get-ups. 


A man wearing a shiny sequin jacket stares down the camera

Let the jacket do the talking and keep it simple this festival season. Clothes are overrated anyway, right? This jacket speaks for itself turning heads wherever it goes and pairs well with absolutely anything. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it to your nana's funeral to bring a different spice to the proceedings. Just be you. It's rule numero uno in life and in fashion.


Two girls in bright tutus and bralettes throw their hands in the air in the middle of Ultra Festival

Proving that tutus and pearl bras aren't just for ballerinas and sea princesses, these girls nail the festival look. Fun, fresh, flowery, and perfect for hot summer days these outfits are the perfect choice for a high-energy dance music festival like Ultra. We don't know what the beaded bracelets are around their wrists, but we want!


A girl wears a led zeppelin vintage T paired with a fringed black skirt.

Versatility is thy name. Pair this skirt with a vintage tee for that effortless cool-girl vibe, with a sequined crop like the ladies above to catch the sun as you shimmy your assets to The Chainsmokers, or with your fave bikini for a summer look that won't fall flat if you get a little wet. An Ultra look that won't have you calling an Uber to change after hour two. 


Girl with painted nipples gives the free love symbol in a crowded square

If free love and tearing up the dancefloor is your thing, then why not dare to bare? Body paint or nipple pasties will cover those bits that Instagram deems unworthy of public viewing (pfffft) and wearing less clothing will help keep you cool while you're deep in your dance trance. Win-win right?


Woman wears gold blazer, red heart glasses, and a pineapple bralette while dancing

If you want the freedom of nipple pasties with a little additional support, consider a cool bralette to team up with your outfit. Bralettes are sooooo comfy and look great on pretty much everyone. If you're headed to a weekender, this bralette will do double duty from your bed to the dancefloor, no change necessary. Everything is better with pineapple - even pizza ;)


 Man wears a borat mankini...and nothing else.

Sacha Baron Cohen has so much to answer for in this world. So, so much. The iconic mankini made famous in Borat is a festival fave for males the world over. To be entirely fair to the contraption, it does hold a bucket of junk quite well and the lycra - while not forgiving, will keep you feeling fresh and free even on the hottest day. Pair it with a strategically placed bum bag and maybe even a camel filled with booze and you have yourself one hell of an unforgettable festival outfit. Party on dudes. 


Man growls at the camera while wearing a fluffy animal mask, epaulets, and a colourful teeshirt.

If you're feeling just as fun as Borat but don't want the exposure, try an outfit that pairs unusual accessories like epaulettes with t-shirts and masks to create something entirely new. Festivals are all about engaging with your wilder side, and what better way than to take simple items and layer them together for a look sure to unleash the jungle boy in you. 


Your squad. Because the best accessories are good friends, good music, and good times. No matter what you're wearing, where you are, or who is playing, we're all about the PLUR baby!

A group of men wearing police uniforms laugh at the camera

Three girls wearing black festival outfits smile at the camera

Three men in banana outfits jump in the air

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