5 Alternative Fashion/Festival Wear Sets For Women

 Are you struggling to find your next festival or party outfit? Doof Store can help you to build your fashionable wardrobe for the next festival season, for a day-to-day basis and even for a summer party! Keep reading to find out what combos we sorted just for you!


  1. “This Girl is Ready to Party” | Alternative Festival/Party Fashion Set:

 Firstly, we have these plaid pattern pieces that are always trendy and go absolutely well together, combined with these hight tube festival boots! Imagine wearing this set at a party where you really want to stand out, or entering into Boom or Burning Man with it! You would look super stunning!


  1. “Radiate Positivity” | Day-to-Day Rainbow Summer Outfit:

 Secondly, we have this Rainbow "Pride" inspired outfit for your everyday. Do you feel like you could be as colourful on the outside as you are on the inside? Do you want to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud? Do you want to brighten up your days by bringing in a little more colour? Well, we have the perfect outfit for you! This rainbow shirt goes perfectly well with these high waisted shorts! And, if you want to be a little more alternative and walk over the rainbow, we have these super cool transparent platform dancing shoes! Get this rainbow look at Doof Store and change up your wardrobe into something happier.


  1. “Shake your Booty to the Sound of the Radio” | Alternative Festival Fashion Outfit: 


Thirdly, we have this black and white bodysuit for our bolder ravers, combined with one of our favourite accessories, our radio-style bag and these black platform sandals! Shake your booty on any summer party or festival with this sexy outfit! You will definitely look hotter than the line-up itself! You can also check out our Kimonos at doofstore.com.au for a more complete look.


  1. “Hippie Flower Power Girl” |Hippie & Boho Alternative Festival Fashion: 

 Fourthly, we have this Hippie and Holographic Set. This flower top combined with these holographic shorts and shoes will give you this unique "modern hippie" style. Get the best of both worlds with this eclectic combination, a must-have for any festival, party or rave. Be as creative as you can be with Doof Store because you make the rules when choosing your festival outfit.


  1. “Sexy Tropical Summer Girl” | Alternative Summer Festival Outfit:

And last but not least, we have this Tropical themed set that is both sexy and summery at the same time! This alternative cross tank top combined with these black sandals will give you the sexy look, while the tropical hot pants filled with birds will give you that summer vibe you are looking for! Can you imagine yourself wearing this outfit at your next summer party or festival?


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