Doof Fashion & Festival Clothing Essentials

Planning some sweet as doof fashion for your next big festival? Here are our top five festival fashion picks, essential for any vagabond wardrobe.

Doof culture is a unique global phenomenon, huge celebrations that exist separately and simultaneously.

While each doof is special and unique, just like each little doof monster that stomps around in the dirt to their favourite tune, they all have one thing in common; freedom of expression and freedom of style, no judgement, no rules, just be whoever you want.

Dressing up in your fancy festival gear is part of the experience. From German sparkle parties to dessert dwelling apocalyptic trance, to the ultimate tribal hippie, whatever your style, these five festival fashion trends are essential pieces to any doof wardrobe.

Faux fur jackets

Nothing makes you feel more like a boss than a big daddy, pimped out faux fur coat. This is one for the night walkers, after the sun sets and the temperature drops, the strobes start and the laser show kicks into gear, the bass drops and the volume turns up to eleven. Transform with the night and bring a touch of regal elegance to any outfit with this one essential piece. 

Boho Multicolour Coat from our Faux Fur collection

Stomping boots

You’ve got to pack your stomping boots, there’s going to be a lot of stomping!! Sturdy ankle boots covered in studs, or a chunky heel or platform are a must. They’ve got to be comfy and they’ve got to be massive. More is more when it comes to the humble doof boot.

Make a stomping statement in these lace-up ankle glitter boots

Holographic nylon leotard

The 80s are here, spandex is back! But let’s be honest, it never really left. Channel your inner alien mermaid self and be an interactive part of the light show with this hypnotising pick. Tight, shiny and ready to be the star of the show.

Our lace-up bodysuit will stand out from the crowd

Doof belt bag

Instead of spending half your time at the doof looking for all the stuff you’ve misplaced in a fuzzy haze of gummy bear bliss, why not just get organised? The pouch bag is an old classic that’s constantly being re-invented. Style and function? Yes please!

Cute meets practical - Twin Pocket Doofer Belt

Steampunk goggles

Dust fills the arid landscape, all hope for mankind seems lost, but then it appears, a glint of promise in the distance, the apocalyptic dessert queen, here to save the world. Steampunk goggles that give you rose tinted kaleidoscope vision, save your eyes from the inevitable dust storm, and make you look like an absolute warrior. Packed, sorted, done!

Vintage pilot goggles to finish off the look.

Doof fashion is as unique as the scene itself, so show a little PLUR to your wardrobe and get ready to dance!

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