Hippie Style - an Eternal Trend in Festival Fashion

Every year arrive the same doof festivals and there is one thing that is common in all these festivals: hippies are always there. 

The beginning of the year is synonymous of summer and party in Australia: the Rainbow Serpent in January and Babylon in February are some of the highlights. And with it comes the very old question:

“What the hell am I going to wear to the festival?”

If you don’t have much time left for the festival and you need to find something quick there’s always a trend that goes well in any festival: the hippie style. 

Hippie fashion has been around the festivals from the beginning of the ’60s and is not going anywhere!

Hippie fashion

Hippie style - The Beginning

The hippie movement started at the beginning of the ‘60s. The movement goes a long way beyond what you wear. It was the rejection of capitalism and the mainstream. A protest for freedom that was embraced by the clothes you wear. They dismissed the tight clothes and embraced the loose, the colourful and the unpopular. They dressed in this way to get themselves apart of the society they disagreed with and follow their desire for spiritual freedom. 

In a time of expectations and where society demanded you to be traditional, the hippie movement was in a clash with the society of the time.

“Peace and Love” 

In a period when the war propaganda was strong to support the USA war effort, the hippie movement started the pressure for the end of the war. And not only that: they were there for the environmental awareness, for the sexual emancipation, for nudism, for drugs and everything that was against the unrelenting expectations and suffocating severity of society. 

“These ideals look amazing! Why is this over?”

Well...the movement never officially ended. True that a lot has changed and if the old hippies saw their style going mainstream they would probably laugh and get themselves apart. But a lot of this old movement goes far and beyond. The new-hippies are around and they are damn cool. 

hippie fashion


The modern hippie is not a replica from the ’60s but there is a lot of similarities. The neo-hippie is a calling to the return to nature. It’s all about reconnecting to the great source and our own intuition as a way to heal ourselves, our community and our planet. 

They bring with them the same ideals that the hippies from the ‘60s but adapted to today’s society. For them, it doesn’t matter what work you do. What matters is whether you do it with love and if it has personal value and not just a material value. They admire nature and believe drugs are not essential to reaching their inner peace. All they need is meditation for that. 

They take pleasure in spending their money on wellness, travel, education, and books. They’re spirit wavers that don’t mind to buy $50 scented candles or an expensive flight to Goa. It’s all about the value it adds to them as persons. 

They don’t need to have a religion and are open to global beliefs and cultures. Their altars may include an image of Jesus, Budha, and Shiva. There’s no conflict between religious diversities. 

How much better would the world be if everyone adopted a little of the neo-hippies? Without preconceptions about religion, sex or drugs? To only having in mind a will to grow as better people and find interior peace. 

The neo-hippies are not the anti-capitalism hippies from the ‘60s but they definitely embraced the ideology of freedom and care for the world. 

“Hippies look amazing! How do I dress like one?”

The massification of festivals helped the democratization of fashion and launched some of the main trends in recent years. Vintage parts are coupled with others from reputable brands and new designers. The result? A mix that makes you stand out in the crowd and discreet enough to continue to be part of it. 

You don’t need to dress like a complete hippie from the ‘60s to look amazing. Only the parts you love. But if you do: you’ll be amazing anyway! And not just at the festivals.

Hippie Fashion Trends That Always Look Good

Bold Floral Prints - Flowers are a timeless trend. Not from head to toe like in the ’60s but a floral piece always shine. 

hippie fashion, bold flower prints

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Crop TopsNot with lower pants like in the ‘60s but still look amazing with high-waist pants or skirts.

hippie fashion, crop tops

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Round Sunglasses - With so many more options where color, size, and details are concerned, it’s difficult to not find a likely round sunglasses to your next festival or even to use it in a daily basis.  

hippie fashion, round sunglasses

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Headbands - For sure one of the most recognized “hippie brands” the headbands are still very popular.

hippie fashion

These are just some of the hallmarks of the hippie style. You can do endless combinations with hippie wardrobe and you’ll always look amazing. The important thing is to feel comfortable, free and amazing with yourself.

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