Top Ten Doofs this Australian Summer

Summer is finally here and that means one thing- dusty dancefloors await our eager presence. There’s no better way to spend those sunny long weekends than kicking dirt up to your nostrils with thousands of your best mates on a banging dancefloor.

As much as we’d all like to attend every festival and doof, we all know that’s not really possible (unless, of course, you’ve inherited billions and want to be our new BFF) so we’ve compiled the definitive list of the top ten Australian festivals this summer.

If you can’t make them all, we suggest keeping all of these parties on your radar and making sure you get to each of them at least once in your life.

10. Bohemian Beatfreaks

Bohemian is one of the first parties of the summer and has already happened for 2019 (but, hey, nothing wrong with planning for next year already!). Things get proper weird at this iconic party in Queensland (formerly New South Wales) that invites artists, gypsies, soul searchers and dreamers to gather at the end of November every year.

Photograoher: Dan Martin
9. Esoteric Festival

Filling the gap over Labour Day weekend left by Maitreya in Victoria is Esoteric Festival, a four night proudly psychedelic arts, music and lifestyle gathering. It’s fast becoming one of the underground’s favourite parties of the summer with incredible eye candy scattered around the whole site and a huge array of international and local favourite DJs and producers gracing the stages.

Mind blowing stages; shot by TAS Visuals
8. Rabbits Eat Lettuce

WIth themed forest stages in the Byron Bay hinterland over Easter, you will find Rabbits Eat Lettuce. Four days of non-stop dancing and shenanigans ensures doofers travel from all over the country to catch up with old friends and make new ones in this space where everyone is encouraged to express themselves freely, socialise, dance and be creative.

Photo: Moja Reeves
7. Blazing Swan

Head west over Easter weekend for this epic party that is an official Burning Man regional event in a setting reminiscent of Black Rock City. It follows the same principles and ethos of the world’s most famous transformational festival, with all of the entertainment and activities produced by the participants themselves. Founded in 2013, it’s a rising star on the Aussie circuit and well worth making the mission west for.

6. Strawberry Fields

This event that tends to sell out is a firm fixture of the Australian summer has been declared one of the best festivals in the world by Resident Advisor. Held a few hours’ drive from Melbourne, you will find thousands of your friends dancing all weekend to the world’s biggest disco, techno and house DJs and producers alongside live bands.

Photo by Zeazy
5. Wide Open Space

Held in Australia’s heartland near Alice Springs 01 – 03 May, this festival has become the stuff of legend in its ten years of operating. Crew travel from all around the country to catch up with old friends at Ross River Resort for three days of mindblowing arts and music on multiple stages. And the views, the incredible views! Grab your mates and head up the hill every evening for one of the most spectacular sunsets you’ll ever witness. There’s even a themed pool party every year and, frankly, that’s more than enough reasons to have us packing our most fabulous costumes and hit the road.

Spectacular sunset views
4. Fractangular Gathering

Held in Tasmania from 07 – 09 February is this stellar party that has been running for eight years. If you’ve never crossed the Bass Strait for a party, it really might be time for you to start. They’re coming back from a break in 2019 for this event that is known not only for the amazing music but one of the most mindblowing performing arts programs on offer at an Australian doof.

3. Pitch Music and Arts Festival

A fairly recent addition to the Australian summer of partying is Pitch Music and Arts, also in Victoria. Pitch burst onto the scene with a huge bang, produced by a highly experienced crew who know how to deliver an exceptional experience. Incredible stages, absolutely mind blowing lineups across many genres, uniques arts and fun to be found around every corner, this is definitely a doof worth checking out!


Photographer: Ray Rolla
2. Earth Frequency Festival

About to celebrate its 15th year is Earth Frequency in Queensland, held from 14 -18 February and always featuring an incredible local and international lineup of many varying genres. Arts are a huge focus at this festival that is extremely family friendly with a dedicated children’s area that offers a full program of activities for the kiddies. One thing we love about EFF is the site that comes complete with luxury cabins if you’re inclined towards a great night’s sleep in air conditioned comfort in real beds with your own ensuite to freshen up in the heat.

Photographer: Benjamin Weser
1. Rainbow Serpent Festival

No list of the best festivals in Australia is complete without the mother of all doofs, Rainbow Serpent. Held over the Australia Day weekend at the end of January, this behemoth has everything you could ask for in a transformational festival- six non-stop music stages with the, five lecture & workshop areas, galleries, incredible large scale art, outdoor cinema and the biggest markets you’ve ever seen at any festival or event. Mad Monday is legendary the world over for patrons’ incredible costumes and the insane amount of fun to be had at the Market Stage. If there’s one unmissable event on the Australian calendar then Rainbow is it, which is why we’ve hailed it as number one.

Mad Monday at Rainbow is beyond legendary


Whatever festival or doof you’re attending this Summer, the most important thing is you party safe in the harsh and hot Aussie bush. Remember to stay hydrated, eat and get plenty of rest. Even if you can’t sleep, just laying down and chilling out for a few hours will have you more energised for another long day and night on your favourite dancefloor. Look after yourself and look after your mates!

Happy Doof xoxo

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