Our Founders

Hello and welcome to Doof Store! We’re Andreia and Sebastian, a couple with a passion for the everything dance music.

Our love for the dance scene begins with music. The two of us have spent our lives as DJs, promoters and bar owners, passionate about creating experiences for others.

In our quest to explore new dance floors the two of us left our home countries of New Zealand and Portugal to live in Melbourne, the heart of Australia’s doof and festival culture.

Here we were inspired by a scene flourishing with creativity, sparkles and colour - Australian dance floors are undoubtedly our favourite!

Fusing together cultures and styles in 2017 we launched our vision to bring you the ultimate Doof Store. A one stop shop for festival, doof and alternative clothing.

Half Wild Project

Doof Store is an integral part of the ambitious Half Wild project - a global platform built for underground electronic music culture.

Through Half Wild our mission is to facilitate growth of this incredible culture and enable artists of all mediums to find financial freedom doing what they love.

Come join us on our homegrown social network, check out an article, listen to a hot mix OR shop all your Doof Store favourites on the market!

Come get lost over on Half Wild 🔊🔥

Our Partners

We believe growth in authentic dance culture starts with all the incredible creative vendors that make our dance floors so magical.

In 2021 we are delighted to welcome a first round of partners into our network including Creatura, Feather Tribe, Sparkleparty, Tirade13, Offrandes, Lightwizard, Lettau, KHOIKO, Kikimora and many more! 💗

Make sure you check out new partners, their collections and incredible works over on our partners page.

P.s. if you are an existing vendor looking to sell more we’d love to have you! Learn more about getting involved over on Half Wild.