Hand Carved Abalone Paua Shell Feather Necklace - Size Ultra Mini (10 Pcs)

This is a wholesale lot of 10 pieces of ULTRA MINI abalone feathers for jewellery making. You have the option of having them on premium black cord already or just as they are.

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Wholesale Order Of 10 Pcs Feather Necklace - Hand Carved Abalone , Paua Shell- Size Ultra Mini -Feather Pendant - Beading - Jewelry Making

The size is 2.8 cm (1.10 inches) from the top to bottom and 7 mm (0.27 inches) wide.

Because of the thin nature of the shell there is no room for us the put a sideways hole. We just skillfully wrap the string on there and secure it with some super glue. Many customers opt to do this themselves but we are happy to do it for you for the small extra fee. These are a best seller of ours and basically a flagship design that has really helped the feather tribe to fly over the years.

We are certain they will help you and your business to fly as well. We love cross promotions too and would love to share your your abalone feather creations on our healthy instagram page.

If you are in love with the abalone style and would like more then please request a wholesale lot of the other ones we have in the range: Small Abalone, Paua Shell flight feather: Super Mini Abalone , Paua Shell flight feather: Eagle Down Shape Abalone, Paua Shell feather: Mini Eagle Down Shape Abalone, Paua Shell feather: Indeed , here is a link to the whole section of abalone , paua shell jewellery we have including earrings and angels wing pendants: For any wholesale deal we ask a minimum purchase of 20 pieces, but for that you get half price of retail :-) Contact us with any combination you may wish :-) Pretty good don't you think?