Mini Pink Pearl Feather Necklace

Join us in the upliftment and freedom of the worldwide feather tribe with this beautiful hand carved shell feather pendant necklace... #TogetherWeFly!

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Mini Pink Pearl Feather Necklace (Hand-Carved Pink Pearl Shell, Flight Feather Pendant)


The flight feather is one of our original designs in the feather tribe, and a very popular one at that. It is modelled on the feather from the wing of the bird. The flight feather represents the ability for us all to spread our wings and fly. Promoting strength and confidence.


The Mini Shell flight feather is 2.5 inches (6.2 cms) from the tip to the top of the stem and 3/4 inches wide (1.5 cms). This shell flight feather comes in Large, Medium, Small, Mini and Super Mini.


The feather is hand carved from pink mother of pearl, sustainably sourced from the clear waters of Indonesia. All natural shell, in beautiful iridescent pinks and yellows to black patterns and colours. The pendant comes with 1mm premium waxed polyester cord in black.

About Feather Tribe

We are the Feather Tribe, a movement of upliftment and freedom. A collective of people showing our connection with our unique hand carved feathers. A heartfelt social enterprise business by which we share the joy of giving to a charitable cause through a percentage of the profits of our beautiful feathers, bird and wing inspired, carved, cast and hand crafted jewellery. We sponsor different campaigns all over the world so keep in touch with whats up through our social media channels. We welcome you to the tribe and invite you to find a symbol of that freedom which will remind you daily that you are. infinite and special in your own unique and perfect way. We are far more than a brand or a business, we are a tribe! It takes many feathers to make a wing, and it’s only together that wings can fly! The sky is no limit, it's where we live.


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